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    We are working on a new brand and identity.

    Check Out Ipsidy.com or click above.

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    48% of Global Card Fraud Occurs in the USA

    This Equals an $8 Billion Dollar Card Fraud Loss in the USA

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    $3.7 Billion Dollar Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud Loss in USA

    45% of USA Card Fraud is Online / CNP Fraud

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    IDComplete® Eliminates Online Card Fraud

    IDComplete is a Secure Real-Time Cardholder Verification Solution

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    Enabling Banking, Payments, and Fare Collections

    MultiPay | OnePay | PaySpot

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    IDSolutions for Global Security

    Identification | Voter Registration | Verification


+ Open Networks
+ Closed Networks
+ Secure Applications

+ National ID
Voter Registration & Elections
Law Enforcement
Border Control
Passports & Immigration
Mail: info@idglobal.com
Phone: 407.951.8640
+ Acquiring Solution
+ Loyalty Platform

+ Payment Gateway Services
+ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

+ Kiosks
+ Software Services
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